IR-4 Integrated Solutions Request Form
  The Integrated Solutions Program aims to:  
1. Screen conventional products and biopesticides
2. Manage pest resistance
3. Reduce pesticide residue levels
4. Address needs for organic production

We are in the process of preparing for a workshop and are seeking input regarding pest management needs. The list of priorities we have received previously can be found here:
Please nominate one or several of these, or list a new priority below.

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2a. Organic
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5. Availability of Supporting Data
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If you have supporting data, You can either upload it by following this link:
(First select your document(s). Then, select Venkat Pedibhotla as the recipient. Enter corresponding information and finish by clicking upload.)
Or Send e-mail with attachments to after submission of this form.

Are you a research or extension scientist interested in conducting this research:

6. Suggested Product(s) (optional)
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Rate per Application (lbs a.i. per acre or 1000 linear ft.):
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Range of Spray Volume (if applicable):
Crop Stage during Application:
Maximum Number of Applications:
Minimum Interval Between Applications:
Pre-Harvest Interval:

Do you have Additional Products to Evaluate for this Need

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