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Reduced Risk Status:
IPM Compatibility: Per Requester: Very Good Fit; Expanding the Axios 20 SC/Ipflufenoquin label to include cherries would be useful in controlling cherry leaf spot and American brown rot that has reduced sensitivity or resistance to SDHI and DMI fungicides. Without the ability to manage cherry leaf spot, pre mature defoliation can occur that can cause under-ripe tart cherry fruit and winter injury. American brown rot can spread rapidly through sweet cherry blocks;
Reasons for need: Cherry leaf spot, Blumeriella jaapii, American brown rot, Monilinia fruticola, powdery mildew, Podosphaera clandestina.Cherry leaf spot, Blumeriella jaapii, and American brown rot, Monilinia fruticola, the two most important diseases of cherry production in the Eastern US, have developed resistance to or exhibit reduced sensitivity to DMI, SDHI, and QoI fungicides. A fungicide with a different mode of action would be greatly benefit growers and improve disease resistance management efforts. Tart cherry use is primarily for leaf spot, sweet cherry use is primarily for brown rot;
Requesting State(s): MI:Nelson, P* ;
PCR Use Pattern: Axios 20 SC @ 4-5 oz/A; 3 to 4 foliar applications @ 5-7 day interval; PHI: 0-1 day
EPA Default Residue Trials: SOUR: 1 5-5 9 11/12; SWEET: 5-2 10-2 11-3 12
IR-4 Residue Trial Plan:
Residue Protocol Use Pattern:
Efficacy/Crop Safety (E/CS) Data Required:
E/CS Research Comments:
Label Use Pattern Submitted To EPA:
EPA PIF Status:
EPA Status:
Comments: Request is for Cherries-tart and sweet; Iplflufenoquin is an EPA HOLD based on the 2023 stoplight analysis:06/24/sb; this is a Nisso objective for a label expansion amendment currently on hold at the EPA that includes cherries (for the control of Monilinia). They are supporting as needing E/CS data only to add powdery mildew and Podosphaera leaf spot to the product label:07/24/sb; Cherry Leaf Spot is a priority among other requested diseases:07/24/sb
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