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Reduced Risk Status:
IPM Compatibility: Per Requester: Very Good Fit; This would be extremely beneficial to table beet weed management by increasing the numbers of products available. Adds an additional active ingredient to an already limited toolbox (in NY, only 8 actives are registered, and most have VERY narrow spectrums of control). Like ethofumesate, alone, the pre-mix of metamitron and ethofumesate can be applied PRE or POST. It can be tank-mixed with S-metolachlor to help with resistance management concerns. Use is compatible with current production practices; this includes the requirement on the Torero label for deep plowing following crop harvest (NY soils are often fall-plowed because springs can be too wet). Registered for use in other countries, so safety and residue is not unknown:08/23
Reasons for need: Weeds; Weeds are a significant threat to table beet production; limited chemical control options exist. Ethofumesate is registered in NY, already; metamitron is registered in a variety of beet crops (sugar, table, fodder) in the UK and NZ and is being used successfully to help with the management of competing vegetation. The pre-mix has been used safely in combination with S-metolachlor in NY in 2023. Company has expressed interest in evaluating this pre-mix in North American beet crops:08/23; OR/highly beneficial to PNW beet prod:08/23
Requesting State(s): NY:Sosnoskie, L* ; OR:Lightle, D ;
PCR Use Pattern: Use Terero product. Make up to three broadcast postemergence applications at 44 to 128 fl oz/a to small weeds. Applications should be at least 5 days apart. Do not apply within 32 days of harvest.
EPA Default Residue Trials: 1 5-2 6 12, 1 DECLINE TRIAL
IR-4 Residue Trial Plan:
Residue Protocol Use Pattern:
Efficacy/Crop Safety (E/CS) Data Required:
E/CS Research Comments:
Label Use Pattern Submitted To EPA:
EPA PIF Status:
EPA Status:
Comments: Metamitron has no US food tolerances or registrations. Ethofumesate is already registered for use in garden beets, 8/23
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