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Reduced Risk Status:
IPM Compatibility: Per Requester: Good Fit; (1)Carrots are poor weed competitors, especially early in the season, (2) This would be an alternative to fumigants and linuron, (3) Growers do have knowledge of the weed seed bank and weed spectrum in their fields so pre-plant herbicide applications are not entirely prophylactic, and (4) Carrots are grown in sandy soils but this chemistry has low leaching potential:08/23
Reasons for need: WEEDS. Annual grassweeds, Broadleaf weeds, Weeds are a persistent problem for carrot production as carrots are poor competitors. Herbicides are essential for carrot production as high-density planting limits the use of mechanical options. Therefore, carrot growers have long relied on herbicides like metam, trifluralin, and linuron. New regulatory restrictions along with loss of crop tolerances and costly environmental monitoring studies may lead to the loss of some good herbicides:08/23; NY/Carrots are in critical need of novel weed control options, particularly with the evolution of linuron resistance in pigweed species:09/23
Requesting State(s): CA:Sidhu, J* ; NY:Sosnoskie, L ;
PCR Use Pattern: Use Zidua SC formulation. Make one or two broadcast applications at 3.5 fl oz/a. The first application should be made after carrot seeding but before crop emergence. The second application, via ground sprayer or through chemigation, should be made at least 30 days after the first, but no later than row closure of crop canopy (layby). Applications should not be made within 21 days of carrot harvest.
EPA Default Residue Trials: 3 5 6 10-4 11, 1 DECLINE TRIAL
IR-4 Residue Trial Plan:
Residue Protocol Use Pattern:
Efficacy/Crop Safety (E/CS) Data Required:
E/CS Research Comments: no early season phytotoxicity evaluation data collected in 2023 trial; vigor after the second application looks acceptable, but significant crop phytotoxicity was observed from the late application of both rates; original supporting data did not include sequential applications of treatments, though sequential applications are desired. RBB 8/23/sb; PER THE 2024 PERFORMANCE PROTOCOL: TESTING EFFICACY AND CROP SAFETY TO SUPPORT REGISTRATION OF PYROXASULFONE ON CARROT; TRIALS SHOULD BE PLACED ON COARSE TO MEDIUM-TEXTURED SOILS AS WORST CASE FOR CROP RESPONSES; COMPARE 1X (0.081 LB AI/A) AND 2X (0.16 LB AI/A) RATES OF ZIDUA 4.17 SC, AT A NUMBER OF APPLIC PLACEMENT AND TIMING SPECIFICATIONS (SEE PROTOCOL FOR DETAILS), ALL IN AT LEAST 5 GPA; IF AVAILABLE, PROVIDE IRRIGATION TO PROPERLY ACTIVATE TRTS IF ADEQUATE RAINFALL IS NOT EXPECTED AFTER APPLIC; EVALUATE CROP INJURY AND YIELD
Label Use Pattern Submitted To EPA:
EPA PIF Status:
EPA Status:
Comments: Data under XH498 (rec'd 2/2014) is variable and was converted with this new request. Original supporting data did not include sequential applications of treatments, though sequential applications are desired, and a more complete report has been requested. Requester may also desire a chemigation option for preemergence application.08/23/rbb/sb; Category changed per MFG to Potential, MFG Requires E/CS Data Before Residue Study, 09/23 JPB; Performance protocol signed, status changed from "Potential: E/CS before approval for residue study" to "E/CS ongoing" 02/24/drs;
International Status:
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Field Research DirectorExpediteTrial DelayField ID#RFCTO QAHQ RECD.Lab ID#Lab RECDLab CompProc. IDProc. ShippedProc. ReportRaw DataS Dir./Auditor
Zandstra, Dr. Bernard H. P 13-MI-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Zandstra, Dr. Bernard H. P 13-MI-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Bellinder, Dr. Robin P 13-NY-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Bellinder, Dr. Robin P 13-NY-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Zandstra, Dr. Bernard H. P 15-MI-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Zandstra, Dr. Bernard H. P 17-MI-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
Sidhu, Jaspreet P 24-CAP06 -NONE BATTS
Sosnoskie, Lynn P 24-NYP04 -NONE BATTS
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