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Prnum: 13063   Chemical/Commodity: BIFENTHRIN / CHERRY
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WSR Michael Horak From Bob VanSteenwyk: In California cherries, bifenthrin could be a valuable addition to our available insecticides depending on its PHI and efficacy for control of spotted winged drosphila and the vectors of western-X disease (predominantly Colladonus montanus and Fieberiella florii). Currently SWD is controlled with lambda-cyhalothrin (14 day PHI) at first color change followed by a spinosad/spinetoram (7 day PHI) and then shortly before harvest an application of fenprothrin (3 day PHI). Thus depending on the efficacy relative to lambda-cyhalothrin and fenprothrin and depending on the PHI, bifenthrin could have a fit with SWD control. Control of C. montanus relies on foliar/ground cover applications with esfenvalerate, lambda-cyhalothrin or another pyrethroids or possibly a neonicotinoid after harvest but before diseased tree removal. Control of F. florii relies on a delayed dormant application with esfenvalerate or other material. PHI is not really a concern with these applications. Also spring applications for SWD control will eliminate any F. florii that comes through the delayed dormant application. Thus depending on the efficacy relative to the current grower standards, bifenthrin could have a fit with the control of western-X vectors. Thus efficacy trials with SWD and vector of western-X disease would be needed. But before proceeding with the efficacy trials, the proposed 3 day PHI should be confirmed. 08/10/2020
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