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Prnum: 13016   Chemical/Commodity: CYAZOFAMID / RUTABAGA
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WSR Michael Horak ISK provided the following comment:

ISK will support an IR-4 request for Ranman on rutabaga. Efficacy data will need to be generated to confirm rate(s) and application methods and timing.

The current US label allows for Ranman use in brassica vegetables for the control of club root and downy mildew. For club root control, one application is allowed either as a transplant soil drench or via soil incorporation. The other foliar applications allowed are for control of downy mildew. In order for Ranman to be effective for club root control, the product has to be in the root zone.

Thus, we think efficacy data needs to be generated based on how the root crop growers would use the product. For example, are they planted as transplants or are they direct seeded? If direct seeded, would Ranman be applied via soil incorporation at seeding? Would other applications be needed? Directed to the base of the plant? Timing? How many applications would be needed to get season control? We would need to have some data on efficacy before a residue program could be designed.
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