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Prnum: 12546   Chemical/Commodity: THIOPHANATE METHYL / OLIVE
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WSR James Adaskaveg THIOPHANATE METHYL is needed on olive to manage an emerging disease complex caused by Neofabraea and Phlyctema species. This request is made by F. Trouillas for both the olive oil commodities of California. No treatments are registered for the Neofabraea and Phlyctema diseases. Efficacy data is available. This request is also coordinated with PR# 12545 (cyprodonil/difenoconazole) and PR# 12544 (ziram). THIOPHANATE METHYL is the lowest ranked of the three requests in developing a fungicide management program to prevent resistance from developing in target pathogens. This is not being requested for peacock spot since resistance risk is high with the casual pathogen (JEA). 08/14/2018
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