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Prnum: 11982   Chemical/Commodity: CYCLANILIPROLE / CRANBERRY
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WSR Historical Black-headed fireworm control; cranberry tipworm suppression; sparganothis fruitworm; spotted fireworm;
NEED: Resistance management and OP replacement. One of the few products we have that can be used during bloom to control/suppress tipworm.

JD (OR) Of the three cranberry projects that John Wilson has put forth for the 2016 FUW (11961 carfentrazone-ethyl; 11962 flumioxazin; 11937 cyprodinil + fludioxonil), any would be good but OR and WA would choose flumioxazin as the top choice (it allows chemigation and also provides moss control). (RS 8/3/16)


Need a WR request WR place holder (RS 8/3/16)

JM(ISK) Cranberry use for Cyclaniliprole is considered a MFG objective and will be included in our 2nd tier submission. No support from IR-4 is necessary regarding this use. (RS8/5/16)

JD (OSU) Cyclaniliprole is just “OK” in controlling tipworm and fireworm. Would be nice to have to not a priority for OR and WA growers. (RS 8/16/16)
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