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Prnum: 11679   Chemical/Commodity: CYANTRANILIPROLE (HGW86) / STRAWBERRY (GH)
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WSR Historical Target: aphids and thrips

UT Greenhouse me-too; Wait on GH group priority rank order (RS 5/27/15)

AZ me-too (RS 5/31/15) I am a faculty member at University of Arizona working on greenhouse strawberry production. Oleg Daugovish kindly forwarded this to me. I would like to support this as the level “A” – need to start the process.

GHG "B" 9/1/15

GH group priority "A2" (RS 6/10/16)

GH group list "A3" (RS 7/27/17)

GH groups spreadsheet 08 04 17 "E" priority (RS 8/9/17)
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