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Prnum: 11567   Chemical/Commodity: THIOPHANATE METHYL / GREENS (MUSTARD)
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WSR Historical JD (OR) Recent outbreak with no FRAC #1 fungicide registered. (RS 8/14/14)

JD (OR) OSU plant pathologist, Cindy Ocamb, tells me that chlorothalonil is not effective against light leaf spot (according to the efficacy results she has found). She will continue to look for efficacy of iprodione for control of LLS and WLS diseases. However, while iprodione is, indeed, already registered for broccoli (broccoli only and not the other brassicas), the use pattern is for a directed application to the stems, not over the top which is what is needed to control these diseases. If iprodione turns out to be effective for these two diseases, then we'd still need residue studies to cover the other crops and the new use pattern.

My IPM/resistance comment on the PCR form had to do with the fact that we'll also be requesting a FRAC #1 fungicide (before tomorrow!) along with the FRAC#3 fungicide, thinking both were needed for the foliar applications to combat the diseases and reduce likelihood of resistance. Thiophanate-methyl is our first choice for a FRAC#1 fungicide but not sure any new registrations are moving forward. Thiabendazole is for seed treatments only (no foliar). We haven't looked into carbendazim but probably should.

These diseases, along with black leg disease, are being found in ALL the cole crops grown in Oregon. They have the potential to devastate our cole crop industries (grown for the seed and for human food). We're kind of scrambling, trying to get on top of the problem before it gets out of control (RS 8/14/14)

JD (OR) Disease Alerts that Cindy Ocamb, OSU plant pathologist, wrote. She is the one who discovered the extent of the diseases in Oregon and is taking the lead on providing info to growers and trying to find solutions for them. We are currently working with our Dept. of Ag in developing SLNs for the Brassica, Raphanus, and Sinapsis grown for seed but the food and forage crops are at risk, too, and need residue data. (RS 8/14/14)

JD (OR) According to IR-4 database, broccoli, cabbage and mustard greens are “under evaluation” but UPI has put radish project “on hold”. I neglected to request thiophanate for carrot, also. (We need both radish and carrot (CG 1B) to get turnip.) Not sure how to proceed with carrot; wait to see what happens with radish? If thiophanate does move forward, we would still like a FRAC#1 fungicide. Carbendazim and fuberidazole are two other fungicides in FRAC #1 but I don’t know the trade names and don’t know much about them. I’ll confer with Cindy. (RS 8/21/14)
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