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Prnum: 11536   Chemical/Commodity: PARAQUAT / SESAME
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WSR Historical DD Please provide Syngenta copy of the supporting efficacy data that is cited in the PCR. Also, please clarify the PCR to describe when a sesame grower will treat (growth stage/size - vegetative or reproductive) to avoid inadvertent dripping on to the seed bearing portions of the plant. The peanut application cited by ASGA is somewhat different situation since the peanuts are below the ground surface. (RS 8/12/14)

JO 1) A revised PCR for PR#11536 is attached, with information on the application rate and growth stage for the wiper application. The application is made to the sesame in the vegetative stage, prior to flowering.
2) Efficacy data for the burndown are available. On the PCR form the two requested application patterns could not be distinguished. An E/CS trial for the wiper application will be initiated shortly. (RS 8/13/14)

0.25 lb a.i./acre of paraquat, diluted with water, for the wiper application.
Wiper: above the sesame canopy with a recirculating rope wick or carpet roller application method. The application equipment should not be allowed to drip. The wiper should be 6 inches above the sesame canopy. The application is made to the sesame when the sesame is between one and six inches high, prior to flowering, while the sesame is still in the vegetative stage.
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