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Prnum: 11473   Chemical/Commodity: PYRIOFENONE / LETTUCE (GH)
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical DS (HN/CA/UT) Me-too UT (RS 7/3/14)

As per GHG "A2" priority for 2015. Note Under Evaluation (RS 7/7/14)

PR Powdery mildew/resistance management (RS 7/23/14)

JJF (WRIPMC) I was able to find efficacy data for pyriofenone under the experimental number IKF-309. There is excellent data for powdery mildew on lettuce from Arizona and grape powdery mildew in California. The data for powdery mildew on various cucurbits ranges from poor to fair. I did find a 2012 EPA document that suggested a 28 day PHI for pyriofenone on grape (and the trade name Property 300 SC) but this request has 3 day. (RS 7/29/14)

GHG spreadsheet "A2"

Soft on greenhouse beneficials. (RS 8/20/14)

GH Group rank A2 (RS 6/10/15) 9/1/15

Is there a Section 3 registration in US? (RS 8/25/15)

Efficacy Data Summary: This active is UK registered on wheat powdery mildew, see JJF comments above for additional information. [SF, 8/31/15]

GH group priority list "A3" (RS 6/10/16);

GH group list "A3" (RS 7/27/17)
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