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Prnum: 10751   Chemical/Commodity: TEBUFENOZIDE / CUCUMBER (GH)
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical Me-too requests from AZ CA (RS 2/10/11)

Confirm is registered to control Armyworms & Loopers, not Leaf miners [SF/DR 4/22/11]

Can not find a GH registration for Confirm. [SF 5/3/11]

GHG priority "C1" (RS 8/10/11)

DS (CA,UT) me too (RS 6/22/14)

GHG Priority "B" 7/14 spreadsheet (RS 8/5/14)

GH Group rank A3 (RS 6/10/15)

Appears to be labeled for loopers and armyworms in fruiting vegetables. GH does not seem to be excluded. Not sure about leafminers (RS 8/21/15)

GH group priority list "A3" (RS 6/10/16)

Nominated as a "B" as there was no IPM fit statement (RS 8/23/16

GH group A3 (RS 7/27/17)

GH groups spreadsheet 08 04 17 "A4" priority (RS 8/9/17)
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