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Prnum: 10666   Chemical/Commodity: CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE / ALL CROPS
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WSR Historical MK (HI) Provided a list of vegetables and fruits not listed/covered by the existing label. Some fruits, e.g., blueberries, will probably not be washed. This is a complicated and confusing situation with all kinds of people interpreting things in different ways. And especially, with food safety being such an important area. We've had a difficult time finding an appropriate (legal) product our growers can use. Arch Chemical however has stated that they want to see phyto data for Ca-hypchlorite on some of the "tender" skinned fruits and vegetables before labeling. (RS 8/20/10)

Crop Safety data needed (RS 8/20/10)

All Crops = Tropical thin skinned fruit is WR/HI priority (RS 9/24/10)

MK (HI) Llabel issue has not been resolved. We met with the Arch Chemical Senior Regulatory Manager, DT was here for the APS Conference earlier this month. We still need to do phytotoxicity testing for a number of fruits and vegetables. We are hoping to work cooperatively with one of the local chemical distributors who is interested in helping us move forward with this project. the treatment protocol (for Ca-hypochlorite) doesn't sound to be too involved, having said this usually means that the work will probably be more involved than we estimate. I'm figuring that we'll need some large refrigeration space to hold the produce after treatment, and we've not yet work out these details with the local rep. Yes, some IR-4 funds would be desirable for this work. The test might also involve some local Asian leafy vegetables. (RS 8/29/11)

MK (HI) HI is working on some efficacy and crop safety data to hopefully expand the label (RS 6/7/13)

MK (HI) very complete crop safety/phyto report was received and forwarded to HQ, on WR server (RS 4/4/14)

KH (HQ) Was sent an email any additional information needed? Next steps? (RS 6/4/14)
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