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Prnum: 10464   Chemical/Commodity: PENDIMETHALIN / GOJI BERRY
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WSR Historical RB (WA) suggesting WR "B" priority in hopes of no data petition to get tolerances based on fruiting vegetables (RS 8/27/09)

DW/RB Gogi Berries are in the tomato crop group and we are testing to see if this new scheme for transferring residue data actually is true.We're hoping to get these minor crops added to pending and/or granted tolerances on the cheap. There is a large farm near Paterson, WA growing a few goji berries and planning to begin goji berry production. Since it is a relative of tomato and in the same crop group, DW and I thought we could possibly get some pesticide registrations on this crop with no residue data required. Don't know for sure yet if this is the case. We have two crop safety herbicide trials out on goji berries this summer. (RS 8/28/09)

Here are targeted submissions for other data packages with your four candidates:Clethodim 11/11Diquat 12/09 and 11/11Pendimethalin 12/10 and 12/11s-metolachlor 8/10 and 6/11(RS 8/28/09)

DC (HQ) We do have enough data (pendimethalin, the fruiting vegetable crop group and s-moc, tomato including small variety) to update the crop group and thus cover goji berry with a tolerance. I’ll make a note in the database to do that with the next submission.
However, I don’t think that will help much in getting the use for the grower. According to the web page, both for pendimethalin/goji berry and s-moc/goji berry, efficacy data is required by the mfg, before it can be put on the label.
The way the submission data base is designed, if all data isn’t in such that the mfg is willing to move forward, including efficacy data, I don’t have the option to add the goji berry PR number to show on the submissions timeline report, thus you will not be able to see it until the efficacy data is available, or the mfg no longer requires it. (RS 6/12/12)

Emailed RB/DW (WA) if they have any crop safety data (RS 6/12/12)

RB (WA) Yes, we did a trial several years ago and I’ll have to dig out the data. (RS 6/12/12)

RB (WA) Here is a small trial we did on Goji berries with Dual and Prowl in 2009. This was on young goji transplants and we didn’t see any significant injury from these two herbicides. Metribuzin did cause some injury though. No weed control data was taken as this was a grower field that received hand weeding to all plots. (RS 6/20/12)

DC (HQ) For pendimethalin, the database notes the following: NEED AT LEAST 3-4 TRIALS IN KEY PRODUCTION AREAS OVER 2 YEAR (RS 6/21/12)

RB (WA) . I didn’t follow-up with additional years of treatments but could look into a two-year study at 1X and 2X rates if the grower is still interested. As you indicate, it might be hard to find more than 1 or 2 sites though. (RS 6/22/12)

DK (HQ) Maybe we can ask BASF if this is enough data to at least ask for the new fruiting vegetable crop group when we make our next pendimethlin submission to EPA in 2013. Then BASF can decide if they want to put Goji on the marketing label after they feel comfortable with the E/CS data.In our tomato study we actually did a 5x rate for processing and no injury was reported, I am guessing Goij is in the same ballpark. Also with pendimethalin, injury is expressed as plants that usually look more healthy but maybe slightly stunted. Transplants shouldn’t have a problem at all. The data provided is 1 and 2x rates, but maybe another trial with a 3x rate maybe be enough. I do think it is worthwhile to go back to BASF and ask if we can ask for the crop group in our next EPA submission. (RS 6/22/12)

RB (WA) article mentioning goji berries in FL; MSF hasn't heard anything in SOR yet (RS 7/30/12)
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