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Prnum: 10225   Chemical/Commodity: TETRACONAZOLE / GREENS (MUSTARD)
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical Likely need turnip greens as well for West. Need WR me too. WR "B" priority pending additional input (RS 8/18/08)

JD this is not a high priority for Oregon but we do have mustard greens and they occasionally get powdery mildew. As such, we would welcome a registration and support other western efforts for this project. We haven't submitted a me too but will if you think it appropriate at this early stage. We don't have Oregon E&P data. (RS 10/7/08)

SLR Meeting no WR state will remove WR priority unless get a WR state by first PST conference call (RS 4/1/09)

Sent email to RR MT in case it was important to them. (RS 4/1/09)

One efficacy report from TX, good efficacy w/ know pm active compound. [SF/DR-4/27/11]
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