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Prnum: 09931   Chemical/Commodity: CLOFENTEZINE / TOMATO (GH)
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WSR Historical Request by MB, me toos from Houweling Nurseries CA and Eurofresh, AZ Asking MB, KT, DS for WR priority (RS 6/8/07)

DS (CA, UT) me too (RS 6/20/14)

GHG spreadsheet "B" (RS 8/5/14)

DS (HN/CA) request to upgrade WR priority to "A/B" requested an IPM fit statement to do this (RS 8/25/15)
This is why I think this chemical is of value to us:
1. It is a specific miticide which acts as an ovicide. So far we have only one ovicide that we can use (Tetrasan) and would be a good tool for rotation. Tetrasan is Group 10 B and Apollo is Group 10 A
2. It is not disruptive to beneficial insects and mites. This makes it a good IPM tool.
3. It has good residual activity on European red mites, McDaniel spider mites, Pacific spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, Eriophyes and Yellow spider mites. It is wide spectrum.
4. It can be mixed with an adulticide and you can have all stages killed with one spray. The miticides we have available are usually adulticides and you need to make at least 2 follow up applications for good kill.
(RS 8/28/15)

GHG "A3" 9/1/15

GH group priority "A3" (RS 6/10/16)
Need a WR state to nominate (RS 6/10/16)
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