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Prnum: 09883   Chemical/Commodity: EMAMECTIN BENZOATE / GREENS (MUSTARD)
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WSR Historical reduce PHI RR request

JB 9/5/06 Thanks for the follow up of the new IR-4 request for Proclaim on leafy
Brassica subgroup. I reviewed your response as well as the latest label on
CDMS and still have a concern that the label does not allow a 7 day PHI for
the leafy Brassica subgroup. I concur that the label does allow for a 7 day
PHI for Head and Stem Brassica. However, Mr. Ratto's needs are for the
leafy Brassica (mustard greens, kale, collard, ect.).

Syngenta 9/5/06 I'm not sure I understand your question. You have it right, leafy brassica veg is 14 day PHI. We are supporting the IR-4 work to reduce the PHI to 7 days, but IR-4 needs to be aware that depending on the
residues there could be a risk cup issue.

3/21/07 SLR mtng mustard greens>>>>than basil. (RR/MT)

3/28/07 email sent to KD status of emamectin and opportunity to move forward.

3/29/07 KD The risk cup may have a little room with emamectin benzoate now. We've received the go-ahead to submit our cucumber study (PR 06987, still not coded correctly on the data base. It should not still say on hold.) So I'd say to go ahead and nominate the herbs if that is what the growers want and we'll see if we can move forward.
Also, during our Syngenta visit this year we will be talking about emamectin and get an update. I'll know more after that visit, I'm certain.

RR 6/5/07 conference call requested WR "A" priority. RS 6/7/07

RRMT Second highest priority for mustard greens, first fluopicolide.
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