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Prnum: 08048   Chemical/Commodity: SULFENTRAZONE / PEPPER (BELL & NONBELL)
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WSR Historical CA Pepper Commission supports if coming to CA.

Canada 2006 B+ Priority

FS 6/6/07 from FMC meeting. FMC submitted an additional CA Soil ROD study to CDPR which showed very positive results. (Assuming that means short half lives and little or no movement i.e. leaching) CDPR is concerned about consistency of the data, when compared to the 3 previous sites outside of CA. CDPR asked for 2-3 additional soil ROD studies in CA, which is beyond the investment FMC is willing to make.FMC does have 3 ground water monitoring studies (one complete, 2 ongoing) and FMC will provide those data to CDPR to try and alleviate CDPRs concern. This effects all sulfentrazone projects and their possible registration in CA. (RS 6/6/07)
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