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Prnum: 07948   Chemical/Commodity: TETRACONAZOLE / BLUEBERRY
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WSR Michael Horak KH: Although the registrant does not have efficacy data of tetraconazole on highbush blueberry diseases (Phomopsis twig blight and canker), Phomopsis is controlled in strawberry (already on tetraconazole labels), so there’s some confidence that this chemistry would provide control of Phomopsis on highbush blueberry. The use pattern on the IR-4 website is in line with the approved one for strawberry.
The registrant does not see a registration issue with IR-4 performing a residue study with this compound on highbush blueberry in 2021.
In terms of trade, the registrant stated that there are tolerances for tetraconazole on berries in most important areas like EU and Japan.
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