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WSR Historical RH (ID) We are very interested in this project. Fluazifop-p-butyl/succulent peas. We would like to make this an A, at least for now. It looks like it has company support. (RS 6/13/14)

RH (ID) This product works well in this crop, and it would give them another herbicide type for grass control. If the registrant is supportive, we would like to make this project an A or B. (RS 6/20/14)

RH (ID) Turns out clethodim is also registered on peas, and it has the same HRAC code. Same pest lists, etc. I’m checking on prices of fluazifop vs. clethodim. But it may be that the fluazifop is not needed—guess this was a good exercise for me! I’m thinking why work on a compound with the same MOA, and target pests, unless clethodim is at risk of losing registrations. The only IPM type info would be related to price/acre. If I get something else, I’ll be sure to forward to you ASAP, but for now, thinking this project should not be such a high priority. (RS 8/27/14)
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