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PPWSLeafhopper, Grape (Erythroneura elegantula)13-07FGRAPEGrape Leafhopper control in Grape2019/08/23Field Only  

Trial Detail

Trial NumberTrial YearTrial StateCoordinatorResearcherInstitutionProtocolDraft ProtocolTrial StatusResultReportRaw DataData To MFGPerformance Results and Comments
IS00376-21-CA012021CAAlice AxtellHouston WilsonUniversity of California Riverside IS00376-21 Funded  Yes   Surround WP (kaolin clay) at 50 and 25 lbs/100gal was the only treatment to significantly reduce Virginia creeper leafhoppers infesting grape following 3 foliar applications at 7-10 day RTI. Other treatments included: Admire Pro (imidacloprid) at 1.4 fl oz/A, Pro-365 (chitosan) at 30 ml/gallon, Pyganic EC 5.0 II (pyrethrins) at 15 fl oz/A, Aza-Direct (azadirachtin) at 2 pts/A, Grandevo (chromobacterium subtsugae) at 3 lbs/A, BoteGHA ES (Beauveria bassiana) at 1 quart/A, PureCrop1 (corn & soybean oil) at 1.5% v/v, Venerate XC (Burkholderia spp. strain A396) at 4 qts/A, M-Pede (potassium salts of fatty acids) at 2.5 gal/100 gal, Prev-AM (sodium tetraborohydrate decahydrate) at 50 fl oz/100 gal, and XPS-203 (fatty acids) at 9.36 fl oz/1 gal. All treatment except Grandevo significantly reduced populations of Western grape leafhopper, while Surround WP and Prev-Am were the only treatments that significantly reduced populations of variegated leafhopper.
IS00376-23-CA262023CAAlice AxtellHouston WilsonUniversity of California Riverside IS00376-23 Funded   

Trial will be repeated in 2024 due to low pest pressure observed in 2023. 02/24/DRS

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