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ProblemPestGroup CodeCommodityTitleDate ReceivedProduction SiteBiopesticideFoodUse
Organic/PPWSVine Mealybug, (Planococcus ficus)13-07FGRAPEVine Mealybug, (Planococcus ficus) / wine grapes2019/08/05Field Only  

Trial Detail

Trial NumberTrial YearTrial StateCoordinatorResearcherInstitutionProtocolDraft ProtocolTrial StatusResultReportRaw DataData To MFGPerformance Results and Comments
IS00367-20-CA032020CAThomas PikeRobert A. Van SteenwykUniversity of California IS00367-20-CA Funded  Yes  
IS00367-20-CA042020CAThomas PikeKent DaaneThe Regents of Universtiy of California IS00367-20-CA Funded   

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