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Reduced Risk Status:
IPM Compatibility: Per Requestor: Very Good Fit; Good fit into current cultural and IPM practices in olive during early fall/pre-harvest. Could help the industry with significant increases in harvest efficiency using mechanical harvesters:07/24;
Reasons for need: Fruit loosening prior to harvest to improve fruit removal with mechanical harvesters. This product has great potential as a fruit loosening agent to improve mechanical harvest efficiency of table olives. With challenges finding labor to hand-harvest table olives, the ability to mechanically harvest would be incredibly impactful for the industry. The California Olive Committee (COC) has listed this as a top priority for the industry and has funded efficacy research in 2023 and 2024; CA-Currently, the best promising fruit loosening agent to improve mechanical harvest as indicated from our cellular, molecular, physiological and field studies:07/24; CA-The challenges for hand harvesting crops has become prohibitive. And in order to survive we must mechanically harvest our crop:07/24;
Requesting State(s): CA:Burreson, D, Burreson, C, Wang, M, Burreson, S ; CA:Oliver, E, ; CA:Wheeler-Dykes, B*, Mendoza, L, Drakakaki, ;
PCR Use Pattern: Make one foliar application of Accede, approximately 7 days prior to harvest, at 1500 ppm of active ingredient in at least 100 gallons of water per acre. Follow other general application instructions on the Accede label.
EPA Default Residue Trials: 10-3
IR-4 Residue Trial Plan:
Residue Protocol Use Pattern:
Efficacy/Crop Safety (E/CS) Data Required:
E/CS Research Comments:
Label Use Pattern Submitted To EPA:
EPA PIF Status:
EPA Status:
Comments: Key Export Markets: Canada, Japan, Mexico; ACC is exempt from tolerance in apples and stone fruits, per federal register. No crop injury seen in previous apricot and pear IS project for fruit thinning, but those sprays were not close to harvest. Supporting data for this request made no mention of crop injury. Supporting data indicates that ACC does help 'loosen' the fruit, which helps increase mechanical harvest efficiency:07/24/sb
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Ferguson, Dr. Louise P 23-CA-DMP RECD -NONE BATTS
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