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Reduced Risk Status:
IPM Compatibility: Per Requester: Good Fit; reduces emergence of weeds and slows their growth, allowing for more timely weed control options later in the season. It may prevent weed pressure from building up to threshold levels. It may control weeds throughout the critical weed free period:02/24
Reasons for need: weeds; Only one other preemergence herbicide is registered in hemp (Sonalan / ethafluarlin). Additional, more effective options are needed:02/24
Requesting State(s): VA:Flessner, M* ;
PCR Use Pattern: Zidua SC herbicide applied once at 2.5 to 5.0 fl oz/a premergence or early postemergence to hemp. Original request indicated 0.5 day re-treat interval. IR-4 HQ suggests that this was probably misunderstood as re-entry interval and should actually be zero since only one application is requested.
EPA Default Residue Trials:
IR-4 Residue Trial Plan:
Residue Protocol Use Pattern:
Efficacy/Crop Safety (E/CS) Data Required:
E/CS Research Comments:
Label Use Pattern Submitted To EPA:
EPA PIF Status:
EPA Status:
Comments: New PR# was received for "Hemp, Industrial", but review as "Hemp" at this time, was created 4/2/24, but actual PCR was rec'd 2/5/24:04/24/sb; based on new pcr review: At exaggerated rates, injury and yield losses have been documented under IS00370 & IS00370 data indicates high levels of weed control from standard and exaggerated rates:04/24/sb
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