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Prnum: 11933   Chemical/Commodity: SAFLUFENACIL / MANGO
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WSR Historical weeds
NEED: some exotic (perthenium) cannot be controlled with current herbicides

CK BASF is interested in the Saflufenacil (KIXOR) on mango project, and encourages UF-IFAS-TREC to conduct mango crop safety evaluation trials on local varieties. BASF has limited crop safety data on mango (greenhouse pot trial in Taiwan) that indicates some inherent tolerance, but it is not enough to confirm safe use under US conditions. Until more local crop safety data is generated, BASF can respond to this PCR with project status “POTENTIAL, MFG requires CS data before residue study.” KIXOR is effective on parthenium, so no efficacy data is needed. BASF is willing to help design the crop safety evaluations on mango and will discuss further with Mr. Crane the needed trials. (RS 7/12/16)
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