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WSR Historical Sclerotium rolfsii: We have seen a significant increase in S. rolfsii in sweetpotato and currently have no effective products to control it that are labeled. Cultural management is not sufficient since the pathogen has a broad host range, making crop rotation ineffective, and no host resistance is available.

CK (BASF) Residue tolerances for both active ingredients are established and the end-use product (PRIAXOR) is registered use on the entire Tuberous and Corm Vegetables crop subgroup 1C, which includes Sweet Potato. However, only use on potato is commercialized at this time, and includes the in-furrow use pattern. BASF is interested in the PRIAXOR on sweet potato project, but need to see proof of efficacy on the target pest (Sclerotium rolfsii) and in-field crop safety testing (at least 1 year, preferably 2) with PRIAXOR applied at use rates of 8, 16, and 32 fl ozs/A (1X, 2X, 4X) applied in-furrow. Crop safety trials need to cover 80% of commercial production in the US (leading states are NC, CA, MS) and include trials on the key varieties in each state. Until the efficacy and crop safety data is generated, BASF can respond to this PCR with project status “POTENTIAL, MFG requires E/CS data before residue study.” BASF is in contact with Dr. Quesada at NCSU and will monitor the ongoing field work in 2016, looking forward to some promising results. (RS 6/9/16)

VS (HQ) If sufficient (and acceptable) efficacy and crop safety data are generated, and since the subgroup 1C tolerance is established for both AIs including in-furrow use, would residue work still be needed? Or could sweet potato simply be added to the commercial label without another residue study? If this is correct, then I’ll make the Status Category “Tol. Established, need E/CS data to add crop/pest” instead of “Potential, need E/CS data before approval for residue study.” (RS 6/15/16)

CK (BASF) No residue studies are needed for this PCR. So I agree, a better Status Category would be “Tol. Established, need E/CS data to add pest/crop”. That should make it less confusing but still make it available for E/CS funding at the FUW. (RS 6/20/16)
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