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Prnum: 11774   Chemical/Commodity: LINURON / PEA (EDIBLE PODDED & SUCCULENT SHELLED)
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NER Marylee Ross The use of linuron would be helpful for common ragweed control in the region, provided there is good crop safety. DE: not looked at linuron on snap beans or peas so not sure how good the crop safety there is; there is fair to good safety with lima beans, depending on the rate. Also, linuron is a poor herbicide for all pigweeds, including Palmer amaranth; and so not a good justification for this use. But it has value for expanding broadleaf weed control.

WSR Historical Weeds in general. Amaranth species, especially Palmer Amaranth.

Glyphosate and ALS resistant pigweed and the recent report of PPO resistant Palmer Amaranth. Also, POST products tend to cause varying degrees of crop injury.
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