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Prnum: 11537   Chemical/Commodity: ETHALFLURALIN / SESAME
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WSR Historical FS (ASGA) : The only current herbicide labeled for the target pests for sesame is S-metolachlor. Although it is very effective against most of the target pests, it is not effective against Texas panicum, a major pest in sesame areas. Recent testing has shown applying ethalfluralin 30-60 days before planting does not damage sesame. Further testing has shown that applying ethalfluralin 2-4 weeks after sesame emergence post over the top does not damage sesame and provides further preemergence control of the target weeds. Applying ethalfluralin as a directed spray in the furrows from sesame emergence until the sesame is too tall for the farming implements provides another layer of control. (RS 8/17/14) 01/01/2018
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