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Prnum: 11245   Chemical/Commodity: ETHEPHON / POTATO
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WSR Ronda Hirnyck We have received registrant support from UPL to support this project. Here is the email I receive from Darin Allred, UPL: Marketing Manager, Cory Bromley, that UPL will support the ethephon label for use on red potatoes for color enhancement and sizing optimization. We look forward to working with you, I-R4, Mike Thornton, and others on this project. We have data from Dr. Mike Thornton: performance, crop safety, and economics to support this use. 08/04/2020
WSR Historical RH (ID) level of priority?

AF (AZ) Did some research and learned we have small acres of red potatoes in AZ, about 1300 this year. Spoke to 3 pest control advisors who indicated some interest in this if it is effective in color enhancement. On the other hand, since our acreage is small, this may not be viewed as a high priority. (RS 6/3/13)

RH (ID) . I know Mike Thornton really wanted the ethephon for red-skinned spuds. Not sure if we can drum up support from others, but I would guess that Washington and Oregon would be on board. (RS 7/11/13)

FUW GS (Bayer) Bayer has not product interest. (RS 9/25/13)

RH/MT (ID) The problem with Ethephon is that it is a generic product with a bunch of small companies as registrants. It is going to be very difficult to get them to agree to support this. I think at this point we need to wait and get some input from industry on what priority they put on this registration. If the potato industry isn’t very interested there is no reason to pursue this project over other higher priority items. (RS 10/3/13)
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