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Prnum: 10974   Chemical/Commodity: LINURON / CARINATA (BRASSICA CARINATA)
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WSR Historical MB (MT) This is being evaluated for a new oil crop in MT as well – I’m leery of supporting the requests if there is no phytotox and yield data? But I’ll probably do a ‘me-too’ with the caveat that I’d like to see some data, so B priority. (RS 6/29/12)

Wikipedia Although B. carinata is cultivated as an oilseed crop in Ethiopia (Alemayehu and Becker, 2004), it has generally high levels of undesirable glucosinolates and erucic acid (Getinet et al. 1997), making it a poor choice for general cultivation as an oilseed crop in comparison to the closely related Brassica napus (canola). (RS 6/29/12)
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