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Prnum: 10910   Chemical/Commodity: PENDIMETHALIN / CARDOON
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical WR request, cardoon is in the celery subgroup; perhaps covered with paper argument to be included with celery. (RS 8/16/11)

If pendimethalin/celery residue goes forward maybe only need one more year of E/CS cardoon; have one year and limited cropping area (central coast CA) (RS 9/12/13)

PST CC Celery residue trials conducted in 2014; with an additional E/CS trial may be able to include in crop group 4B. (RS 6/4/14)

From SLR/CLC meeting any additional data being generated? (RS 4/24/15)

PST CC need only crop safety data but not likely IR-4 funding available to address (RS 6/12/15)

Efficacy Data Summary: One field study in 2011 showed no phytotoxicity on Cardoon at 2, 3 & 6 pts/a on a sandy loam soil. [SF, 8/17/15]
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