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Prnum: 10830   Chemical/Commodity: CYFLUFENAMID / TOMATO (GH)
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical JW (Nisso) At this time Nisso will not support greenhouse uses of cyflufenamid.
We will advise stakeholders if this changes in the future. (RS 7/11/11)

MB (GHG) "A1"

GH group list "A2" (RS 7/27/17) Need WR state to support

KT(AZ) me-too: There is a need for more chemistries to rotate and protect the chemistries. 0-2 D PHI please (RS 8/4/17)

GH groups spreadsheet 08 04 17 "A3" priority (RS 8/9/17)

GH groups spreadsheet 08 18 17 "A4" priority (RS 8/23/17)
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