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Prnum: 10490   Chemical/Commodity: SPINETORAM / HOPS
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WSR Historical WR "B" target 2011 unless another project takes priority for hops (RS 8/30/09)

AG (WA) Thank you for your combined efforts to help us with this last-minute reconfiguration of the 2010 hop residue trials. Based on the various correspondence over the past week, I would like to propose the following:

Metrafenone - let's do 4 trials in 2010. The Europeans are headed for registration and a MRL. While their formulation may be different, it appears their GAP is similar, so hopefully we will end up with MRLs that are in the same ballpark. If not, we can deal with it later.

Quinoxyfen - In addition to the 4 trials we've been discussing, I think we need to repeat the earlier trials due to GAP issues. It appears that IR-4 had been planning on a total of 11 hop trials this year. If there is any way we could increase this to 12, it would allow us to do the entire set of
8 quinoxyfen trials at the precise GAP necessary to prevent any further questions by EFSA regarding that issue.

Matt Lantz and I are preparing a TASC grant proposal that will include the cost of the analytical portion of this IR-4 study. Matt Hengel is preparing the bid for this work (Matt -- please figure on samples from 8 trials).
Becky -- since we are exceeding your prior allocation of 11 hop trials by one, for a total of 12, please let me know if I need to include an additional $5,000 in the TASC grant for that trial. Doug -- Please let me know if this is going to be possible to fit into your work plan.

Looking ahead to 2011 - to comply with the normal IR-4 cycle, we will strive to have this figured out by August 2010:
Candidates are spinetoram, chlorantraniliprole, and etoxazole. I think we need to be prepared to do at least 4 more etoxazole if we haven't received some indication from EU that they are willing to bend on the 8 trial requirement -- possibly even 8, and redo the original set, due to the GAP issue (our original residue study was done for 2 applications, but our final label allows only one application per season). This would be the top priority.

If we have any space and goodwill remaining at IR-4 by that time, we could look at adding chlorantraniliprole. However, we are also going to have to determine whether 4 or 8 trials will be our target number. Spinetoram will need to wait until a subsequent year. (RS 5/24/10)

AG If no relief can be secured from EU regarding their current stance on the number of trials and GAP requirements during the next few months, it will likely be our highest priority to repeat the etoxazole residue study with 8 trials in 2011. Spinetoram and chlorantraniliprole will need to be pushed to 2012 or later, unless resources can be found to add those to the 2011 work plan. So, pencil us in for 8 etoxazole trials for 2011 at this point, and we will seek clarification prior to the September workshop (August deadline) to confirm by that time. Quinoxyfen hops trials replace chlorantraniliprole and spinetoram in 2010 (RS 6/2/10)

Red "A" priority but behind quinoxyfen and etoxazole. (RS 6/2/10)

I don't believe this is on the latest 5 year plan; check with AG (RS 5/13/11)

DW (WA) may be a hops project of greater priority than this one AG will get back to us next week (RS 1/16/12)

the cyflumetofen/hops project to replace this one for 2012 field season. (RS 1/27/12)

DW (WA) However we are sort of hesitant with the spinetoram. On hops we have a substantial number of caterpillar killers and in my tests chlorantraniprole has always been superior to spinetoram. Hence I think that chlorantraniprole will become the preferred product for caterpillar control for conventional hop growers once it gets registered with all the constituent export MRLs. We also have a full US tolerance for spinosad in the OMRI certified Entrust formulation. This is what any organic growers would use for caterpillar control on hops produced for the domestic US craft brewing market. At this point there is really no export of or
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