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Prnum: 10211   Chemical/Commodity: QUINCLORAC / GOLD-OF-PLEASURE (CAMELINA)
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WSR Historical Me too request from WA RB, would support an WR "A" if it really worked. Need data for the "A". (RS 8/11/08)

BASF will not support therefore WR "C" (RS 8/27/08)

IR-4 HQ checking with MANA for support (RS 8/27/08)

VS/JD Regarding quinclorac/Albaugh, when DI sent the #10435 (blueberry), #10436 (caneberry), #08295 (asparagus) PCRs for mfg. review, she sent them to BASF, Albaugh and MANA. BASF responded will not support but no other response has come in. So I asked DI to re-send them directly to Albaugh for their response. DI note that #10211B (camelina) also should be included in this group of re-sends. (RS 8/26/09)

One study with significant, phyto @ .5 & .75 lb rates, no phyto at .25 rate, likely to need additional data to determine rate/phyto issues. [SF/DR 4/20/11]

BB (HQ) registrant support on other quinclorac projects (asparagus) has been weak, lack recharacterized test substance, NOF etc. (RS 9/6/11)

BB (HQ) Perhaps the best thing that could happen at the FUW for quinclorac, asparagus would be if quinclorac, camelina received an “A” priority; then I would have characterized test substance for both camelina and for one asparagus trial. I don’t think that there are any quinclorac tolerances that could be extrapolated to camelina. (RS 9/6/11)

Phyto concerns "B" priority (RS 8/7/12)

JD (OR) Camelina
Quinclorac PR# 10211. ‘A’ priority if effective and we have registrant support (Albaugh). Joel Felix may have an opinion about this project. (RS 7/26/16) conveyed phyto to JD
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