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Prnum: 09571   Chemical/Commodity: ETHALFLURALIN / ONION (GREEN)
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WSR Historical SAF: On usefulness to CA: Depends on how it breaks out relative to Prowl. To answer that I would need to do a side by side comparison of crop tolerance and weed control. [SF, 7/21/10]

RB (WA): Since pendimethalin is registered on onions and has a label for both delayed pre and post, I would think ethalfluralin would not be a real high priority. The efficacy of ethalfluralin applied without mechanical incorporation is often more variable than pendimethalin too. Ethalfluralin is slightly better on nightshades, but growers would probably be using Buctril and Goal for nightshade control anyway. East side of WA is dry bulb only, green would be on the west side of the cascades. [SF, 7/21/10]

EP (OR) I doubt that there will be much interest in the use pattern (POST) on green onion. Prowl would be a better choice because of both efficacy and cost. The more immediate need is something that works PRE. (RS 7/22/10)
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