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Prnum: 09110   Chemical/Commodity: ETOXAZOLE / PEPPER (BELL & NONBELL) (GH)
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RegionNameCommentsDate Entered
WSR Historical DS Houweling's Hot House supports this project (RS 6/25/10) Reequested WR "A" priority (RS 6/28/10)

DS (HHH/CA) WR "B" TSSM (RS 8/9/10)

EN (UCCE IC) WR "A" Priority (RS 5/30/13)

PST CC DS (CA/UT) GHG "B" (RS 6/4/14

As per GHG "A3" priority for 2015. (RS 7/7/14)

Likely not moving forward in GH.

GHG No 0ther material lableed for GH peppers for TSSM. (RS 8/20/14)

GHG no priority 9/1/15

GH group priority "A2" (RS 6/10/16)

Without IPM Statement down graded to WR "B" nomination; with IPM fit input will nominate as A/B (RS 8/25/16)

GH list "A1" 8/30/16

WR GH prefers newer crops to tom and cuc TI (RS 9/5/4/16)

GH group list "C" (RS 7/27/17)
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