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Prnum: 08951   Chemical/Commodity: CYHALOFOP-BUTYL / RICE, WILD
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WSR Historical DS, JC-'04 CA crop tolerance data submitted to DPR & manuf for label expansion

DK 11/21/06 reminded a no data petition. Should be on next work list.

BB 24c for Clincher on wild rice. Lawyers at Dow insist on disclaimer language on Section 3 label that EPA will not approve. To EPA Dow AgroSciences will proceed as you suggested. Please accept this email as Dow AgroSciences formal petition to withdraw the application for Section 3 labeling of Clincher Technical (62719-335) and Clincher CA (62719-356) on wild rice. Dow AgroSciences will proceed to submit a Section 24c application for Clincher CA on wild rice in California. (RS 6/17/09)
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