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Prnum: 02082   Chemical/Commodity: FLUAZIFOP-P-BUTYL / PEPPER (BELL & NONBELL)
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WSR Historical MC (NM) New Mexico would be interested in pursuing a use in chile or non-bell pepper. Probably a low “B” or high “C” priority since fops have the same MOA as Clethodim and sethoxydim. According to Jill Schroeder, in NM, the use pattern and control spectrum would be similar to cotton. (RS 4/26/10)

EN (UCCE IC) WR "A" CA request would be nice (RS 5/30/13) On his top 10 list.

FUW changed bell to non-bell or bell and non-bell but need to include non-bell (RS 9/24/13)

Clethodim is Registered on Peppers in CA & NM [SF 8/27/14]

NM to check on fluazifop and see if it brings something needed to the table for chili peppers that isn't addressed by clethodim or other available herbicides. (RS 4/24/15)

Ground water advisory on label: Chemical may leach into GW if used in areas where soils are permeable, and water table shallow. May impact surface water quality due to runoff of rain water (especially true for poorly drained soils with shallow GW). (RS 5/11/15 from Fusion label)

PST CC NM leave as is for now; growers want whatever is the "cheapest" (RS 8/7/15)
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