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Prnum: 00197   Chemical/Commodity: ETHEPHON / PEACH
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WSR Historical Data from C. Crisosto. WR "A" place holder. (RS 7/14/08)

California Tree Fruit Agreement supports project (RS 8/1/08)

GVS From a producer view point, it would be an "A". This will be a chemical that will be used in the fall to prevent flower formation for the next year's crop, which will then translate into a tremendous savings on labor based on less fruit on the tree to thin.
I believe several other states are also supportive, according to Dr. Crisosto. (RS 8/1/08)

JC submitted an argument in 2002 that was approved as a nonfood use. Verifying use pattern with GVS and CC to determine next steps. (RS 10/24/08) Need to get the registrant to label if indeed nonfood use.

CC checking with JC on that nectarine, pluot, and prune will be also included in this label. Maybe stone fruit (excluding cherries) (RS 11/3/08)

CC request status on labeling/RS checking with JC (RS 1/29/10)

JC (HQ) waiting on NOF to submit pome and stone fruit request with other ethephon projects. (RS 4/22/10)
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